Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas and Atheists

Ricky Gervais is currently on the cover of The New Humanist magazine, clad only in jeans and a crown of thorns.  Across his shoulders is a microphone and stand meant to stir images of the crucified Christ.  It doesn't surprise me to see Christians up in arms about this.

Gervais proudly proclaims he's an atheist and a few Christians on Twitter are a-twitter about the cover and the ensuing story.  Gervais is poking his non-believing finger into the pot occasionally, stirring 'em right up too.  And those Christians are drinking from that cup of nonsense like it's eggnog on Christmas Eve.

It's time to stop the longtime battle regarding atheists and their views.  They are as entitled to their views as we believe we are.

If we were to take down all the decorations and sayings, plaques and paintings, trees and nativity scenes that cause so much upset in the atheist community, it still wouldn't change anything;  one day, over 2000 years ago, God came to us in the humbled form of a baby born of a virgin.  He wasn't born in a palace and his birth wasn't heralded by the elite...angels announced his arrival to shepherds, the lowliest in society.

There weren't Christmas trees and families gathering over fancy meals and exchanging presents.  The caves surrounding His weren't adorned with lights synced to whatever song by the Trans Siberian Orchestra fit the mood. 

His mother and father weren't surrounded by a peaceful beautiful light and halos; they were in a cave used as a barn and as we all know, barns don't smell too good.

Neighbors didn't hit the last minute sales at Dillard's or the mall to get the baby Jesus a little sweater or rattle.  Chances are, they too were huddled close together for warmth and eating what meager scraps they could gather together for a small meal. Jesus was wrapped in rags and laying in a manger, which is a feeding trough.  The animals ate in the same place where Jesus was laid.

Atheists aren't suffering with what Christians suffer with today;the knowledge that that precious baby, God Himself in the form of man was sent here for one reason and one reason alone;  he was on earth to suffer and die on the cross.

It only stands to reason that Santa, caroling and even atheist nonsense from Ricky Gervais is overshadowed by the meaning of Christmas.  Christmas could be celebrated in June with none of the trappings and still have the same gravity that it holds on December 25th. 

Jesus's birth, no matter how celebrated (or not) still happened and whether or not there are believers, decorations, music and gifts, is meant to be remembered as the day our Savior was die.

Praise God  that He was raised three days later!  Enjoy the video tells the real reason Jesus was born.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Loved the feel of this blog Tara.Good that I landed up here.I am an agnostic, but I respect the feeling of all God fearing people around.I believe Christmas has become more than the celebration of the birth of the savior,it has moved on as a festival of happiness,connections with your families and above all love and warmth.